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A "Colloquium" is a conference/seminar at which a topic is or topics are discussed and then a time provided for questions and answers.  "Borderland: A Journey on the Migrant Trail." is a presentation setup to show all 5 episodes of "BORDERLAND" and then to provide additional information and an opportunity for questions and answers. (See Proposed Agenda below)

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The Colloquium is divided into 6 separated sessions. Each session is an hour and a half long, which are typically spread out for 6 weeks.  The following agenda can be modified to meet your needs (such as doing it all in one day).

Session Title Description
1 Episode 1

Six disparate Americans begin a journey that explores the issue of illegal immigration in the premiere of this documentary series.

  • It begins in the Pima County Morgue with Dr. Greg Hess
  • The group meets up with Cochise County Sherrif, Mark Dannels
  • They spend a day and a night at the Warner Glenn Ranch.
  • They meet up with human rights group, No More Deaths
  • Back at the morgue, the six cast members are split up into 3 groups, each assigned to track the story of a migrant who died in the dessert:
    • Kishana & Lis-Marie are assigned Claudeth Sanchez
    • Gary & Alison are assigned Omar Lopez
    • Randy & Alex are assigned Maire Zelaya
  • The 3 teams head out to begin unraveling the stories of each migrant they have been assigned to.
    • Kishana & Lis-Marie head to Chiapas, Mexico

    • Gary & Alison head to El Porvenir, Guatemala and meet Omar's family

    • Randy & Alex head to Iowa to meet Maira's mother, Carmine Zalaya

2 Episode 2
  • In El Savador:
    • Randy & Alex are now in San Salvador, the capitol of El Salvador where they are confronted with death in the streets of San Salvador
    • They meet Maira's brother who stayed in El Salvador
    • Then they meet Israel (Noi) who accompanied Maira into the U.S. and in whose arms Maira died.
    • Before heading into Mexico, Randy & Alex stop at the airport where deported migrants are transported to.
  • In Tapachula, Mexico
    • Kishana & Lis-Marie meet Claudeth's Brother, Sammy
    • Then they meet the rest of the family
    • Kishana & Lis-Marie walk through the Mexican jungle, heading north.
  • In Guatemala:
    • Gary & Alison work on a coffee plantation near El Porenir.
    • Then they meet elementary school children with a desire to migrate to the U.S.
    • They cross the river that establishes the border between Mexico and Guatemala
    • On the trail in Mexico, Gary & Alison come across migrants heading to the U.S. border
3 Episode 3

The group reunites in Arriago, Mexico

  • The ride aboard "La Bestia"
  • The migrant compound
  • The Mariajuana Plantation
4 Episode 4

The six Americans track the final leg of a journey that proved fatal to three migrants.

5 Beyond Borderland The cast assembles for a reunion for the first time after tracing the journeys of migrants who died crossing the border. Host: Antonio Mora.
6 Personal Presentation Randy shot over four thousand pictures during the documentary and provides a presentation based upon those photos.  Included is additional information and resources that are important to further understand the issues of illegal immigration

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